About Us

About Us


Accentuated by the rustle of leaves in the gentle breeze, By the call of the wild– the laughing thrush and the barking deer, And the longing of your inner being to merge with the natural surroundings!

Auranya in the Middle Himalayas beyond the hill station of Lansdowne is set within a secluded and dense mixed forest overlooking the River Nayar, the first tributary of the River Ganges. Local lore has it that this place was a center of spiritualism in the ancient times, and even now is inhabited by fairies.

The Peepal tree at the entrance of the retreat is considered divine by the people of the area who often come here to seek its blessings. Whatever the case may be, the positive aura created by the natural surroundings and the dramatic views of the hills and the Nayar valley, all make for a perfect getaway to rejuvenate one in body, mind and spirit.

At Auranya (made up of the two words Aura and Aranya, meaning a forest) the feeling of being within a jungle reverberating with positive energy never escapes you, be it in the large uncluttered enclosed areas or the numerous open spaces scattered all over. The eco-retreat is a treasure trove of medicinal plants and minerals esteemed in Ayurveda, and we at Auranya are committed to preserve this legacy. Great effort has been made to protect the natural surroundings. Enjoy nature at its best!

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